MemoQ MQ-77N Voice Recorder Digital Audio Recording Pen

  • $150.00 CAD

The MQ-77N Pen Audio Recorder by MemoQ quietly records up to 140 hours of audio inside of a slim, quality ink pen.

The MQ-77N is covert, has no blinking lights, makes no noises, and features an internal 12-hour rechargeable battery and voice-activated or continuous recording.

The ultimate security and productivity tool for business people, investigators, students or anyone who needs to discreetly capture high quality audio. The Pen Recorder - Pro Voice Model is easy to use and features ultra-long 12-hour battery life and an ultra-high sensitivity microphone.

Just click the pocket clip to start recording, then listen back with the included earphone or upload your files to any Mac or Windows computer with the included USB connect cable. Easy to use remote control (included) allows for simple, fast navigation. The included remote is not needed for recording or USB upload.

Automatic Recording Level circuitry ensures that your recordings are crisp and clear even when recording soft or distant sources. When you've captured the audio you need, simply plug the pen into any Windows computer to save your MP3 files to CD, hard disk, or even email them. Choose 256MB (33-hour) or 1GB (140-hour) memory model.

No Buttons or Confusing Lights
This pen has a very sleek and professionally designed. Not chunky or cluttered with buttons/lights like so many pens on the market.

Super Slim
Extra slim and small design. This is the slimmest, most discreet pen on the market.

Voice Activation Mode
In this mode it will automatically start recording when sound is detected. Recording is paused when no sound is detected.

Headphone/Speaker Jack
Listen to your recordings directly from the pen with any headphones or speakers. The included remote control enables you to start/stop/pause/FF/REW.

Slide Pen Clip to Start/Stop
No confusing buttons to push or indicator lights to watch, just slide the pen clip down to start recording and slide up to stop.

12 Hour Battery - AMAZING!
Just plug it in to any USB port to charge the built-in battery. (check out our charging accessories)

140hr + 1GB Memory
This pen has 1GB of memory which allows the it to hold up to 140hrs of audio in LP mode.

Three Quality Settings
Record in extra high quality, high quality, or long play modes. We personally recommend using extra high quality mode.

Automatic Sensitivity Control
The microphone sensitivity will automatically adjust based on how loud or far away the sound source is.

MAC & Windows (Plug-n-Play)
Plug in to any MAC or Windows computer to instantly view, transfer, and listen to recorded files! It functions like a USB flash drive, no extra software needed!

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