Aluminum USB Voice Activated Recorder Key Chain - Up to 25 Days Recording

  • $250.00 CAD

Our customers get a full demo of the products & tested at time of purchase for quality assurance.

Super easy to operate. MAC and Windows compatible. No Cables, No Software, No hassle.

Great alternative to one of our recording pens, you can easy attach this to your keys, backpack/purse, lanyard or whatever suits you! No confusing buttons to push or indicator lights, this keychain voice recorder operates by a simple switch! The on/off switch is integrated seamlessly into the design, simply twist the silver bottom portion to the right to turn on and twist back to the left to turn off (you will feel it click right into place).

It records in **CD Quality** MP3 format and has a high powered microphone that will ensure a crisp clear recording. It also functions as a USB flash drive, you can plug this directly into your computers USB port to charge or transfer your recordings to your computer. You can also use this to store other files such as word, excel, images or anything you want!

We are excited to introduce this new super portable recorder (not much larger than a tube of chap-stick). Please check out the specs below. 


No Buttons or Confusing Lights

Very sleek and professional design. Not chunky or cluttered with buttons and lights like so many recording devices.

Plug and Play - No Cables + No Software
Plug this directly into a USB port on any PC or MAC and copy your recordings over. Audio files from the pen can be played in iTunes, windows media player, or an ipod.

**CD QUALITY** MP3 format
Records in MP3 format 128kbps, playback in iTunes, windows media player, or ipod.

4GB USB Drive
In addition to storing all the audio files you have created, this turns into a storage device! Transfer/store any file on this.

64 Hour Record Time
No need to worry about running out of record time! Store up to 64 hours of audio.

Easy "Switch" Operation
Easy one-touch operation. Simply twist the switch to the right to start and back to the left to stop. Each time you start and stop a recording a new audio file is created.

Built-in Battery + 10 Hour Life
Get plenty of record time with 10 hours of battery life on one charge (take about 1.5 hours to charge)

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