Spy Pen Digital Audio Voice Recorder 8GB / 10-15 Hours

  • $100.00 CAD

Our customers get a full demo of the products & tested at time of purchase for quality assurance.

- Record lectures in their entirety
- Review what your boss said at the company meeting
- Catch someone in a lie, and have the proof to back you up
- Store audio records of interviews

- Small, sleek pen functions as a writing tool and audio recorder
- No flashing indicators - completely covert
- Can also be used as a flash drive
- 8 GB of internal storage - keeps voice recordings for hours
- Plug into any PC to transfer files
- Battery Life: 10-12 hours per charge

Presenting the ultimate note taking device - the digital pen voice recorder! Lectures or business meetings can be tricky to navigate. If you take notes, you risk missing a vital piece of information in your rush to write things down. If you record it, you have to listen to the whole thing all over again. Doing both at the same time? A complete mess. Until now. Buy this digital pen voice recorder, and your note taking problems will fade away faster than the really tired looking student in the back row of the lecture hall. This pen has it all - it's a pen, an audio recorder, an mp3 player, and a USB flash drive, all in one incredible device! If you're looking for the best pen recording devices on the market, look no further. Buy this digital pen voice recorder, for sale today!

Take notes secretly, for as long as you need! Plug into your PC to retrieve. This pen is completely covert, too. There are no outside indicators of this digital pen voice recorder's special abilities, and all light indicators are on the inside of the pen. If you don't want to give away the presence of your secret spy digital voice recorder, you don't need to. Storage won't be an issue, either - you'll have plenty of time with 8 GB of storage. Just make sure you don't fill it up too much with the songs you can easily put on it!

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