Custom Built USB Voice Activated Digital Audio Recorder 4GB 5-10 Days

  • $200.00 CAD

Our customers get a full demo of the products & tested at time of purchase for quality assurance.

The DBD-1500 4GB Mini USB Voice Recorder is a rechargeable, high-sensitivity audio recorder with voice-activation and 10-day standby battery life.

The DBD-1500 is a Canadian made digital audio recorder with a long lasting stand-by battery of up to 10 days and crystal clear microphone pick up of 20 feet plus feet. This spy gadget is a flash drive while also working as a spy device. Voice activated feature allows one to record audible noises as soon as they are heard and USB integrated for plug and play on any PC or MAC OS. Sleek and covert for wearing on a lanyard around your neck or simply placing it on an office desk. Either way, no one would ever know that they are being recorded.

Does this unit have to be plugged into a PC to record?
No, unit is standalone. It records by itself. For example, just place on a table to record a meeting.

How do I listen to recordings?
Just plug into PC or MAC and play. No software needed, drivers are embedded within the chipset.

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