Clothes Hook Camera Coat Hanger Hidden Cam - Black

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Online Shipping For HD Motion Activated Rechargeable Cloth Hook Spy Hidden Camera J018 Model, Best Selling Mini Coat Hanger Spy Hidden Camera.

Use the Coat Hook Spy Hidden Camera J018 to capture images. Activate super spy mode with this camera that is disguised as a coat hook and get the visual evidence you need. Simply stick it in your closet and it will pass as a common clothes hook. Get this motion activated, high definition rechargeable coat hook spy hidden camera and see why it is a bestselling item!

The Coat Hook Spy Hidden Camera J018 has a high definition, 1280 by 960 video and audio recorder. This state of the art technology will help you get the evidence you need. With a motion activated recording device and a TF and Micro SD card expansion and a built in rechargeable battery, this hidden camera will look like an ordinary clothing hook and nothing more.

Choose black or white for the Coat Hook Spy Hidden Camera and start spying today!

Pls find the detailed instruction manual here!

The coat hook spy camera reviews
The major reason why spy cameras were invented was to provide a way of discreetly recording a roll of events without allowing the subjects to know that they are being watched. To be effective, the spy camera has to be a master of disguise by making no obvious difference whether the user puts it in the kitchen, the living room or anywhere else as long as it is not classified as private. This coat hook camera is capable of that feat although the designers had to make it functional so that its cover is not easily blown. You just need to install it in an appropriate position on a wall after which it will be possible to know whether your baby sitter takes good care of the kids, what your kids do when you leave and virtually, anything mischievous which happens in your absence.

This clothes hook camera shoots videos at 1280x960 pixels in AVI format so that it’s easy to watch from any computer including tablets. With the coat hook camera, it is not possible to schedule a recording to happen at a specific time during the day although the unavailability of this feature should not make you fret. This clothes hook spy camera can start recording manually on pressing a button or to avoid drawing attention, you might want to set it so that it starts recording by motion detection. Recording by motion detection is a good feature to save on battery power although it has several other benefits as well. For instance, if you live in a place which is prone to break-ins you can be sure of getting clear pictures of people who snoop around your house without turning the camera on manually for long periods of time.

Apart from video, this coat hook spy camera is also great at recording audio. The device comes with an in-built microphone which makes it possible to hear what people were talking about when you away. The device cannot record audio exclusively although it’s a notch higher above discreet cameras of its kind which only provide video. The capability to record audio will help you get evidence which cannot be provided by video alone. For instance, if you need to know whether your baby sitter is being verbally abusive to your children, you need an audio recording device; the coat hook camera saves you the pain of having to purchase separate devices for audio and video.

The device is also capable of capturing still images but not in the conventional way. Actually, the still images you get from the camera are snapshots from a recorded video although it does not matter since you won’t note the difference. To view the still pictures, just connect the camera to your computers and use its accompanying software.

How discreet is it

Like stated before, the coat hook camera is a master of disguise. It comes as a functional coat hanger which can be used for the very same purpose if you are not using the package as a camera. There are several designs of the hanger to suit a user’s preference although the camera remains to be the same. Irrespective of what hanger you choose, the camera is almost invisible. All products come with screws which make it easier to secure the camera on a wall.

The coat hook hidden camera's field of view measures 90 degrees which is broad enough to cover the bigger part of any room. In addition it has a 3.77 mm focal point which is the standard for hidden cameras; you can therefore be assured of sharp and clear images. If you were wondering where the camera stores the images it takes, there is an SD memory card slot and a USB port behind it which connects to the computer. Note that the SD Memory Card slot and USB port were placed behind the camera so that they are hidden from your subjects view. Bottom line, this will be a great piece for people who want to put their homes or offices under surveillance. Again, the choice of a coat hanger for disguise was perfect and will be hard for anyone to detect. Dwelling on the hanger, it is also important to note that it fits in any room whether it is a kitchen, your living room or even your office.

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