Jupiter 2G + WiFi (Magnetic / Wireless / Rechargeable) | Up to 6 Months Battery

  • $275.00 CAD

This All-in-One Asset Tracking Solution Protects Your Valuables in Real Time

Named for its superior battery life, this GPS tracker lasts for an unprecedented 100 days of fast-updating, hyper-accurate GPS tracking. Monitor your assets with confidence.

  • Real-Time GPS Tracker, Battery, and Magnetic Case in One Unit
  • Optimized for Vehicle & Large Asset Monitoring
  • Requires no installation and can be accessed from any PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, or iPAD.
  • Worldwide Coverage

NO Contracts, NO Hidden Charges

A Complete Asset Tracker

This GPS Tracker features everything you need to monitor your valuable assets, all in one rugged, self-contained unit—including a long-lasting battery, tracking hardware and a powerful magnetic mount. Attach this GPS tracker to your family or company car, your boat, your riding lawnmower or any large asset. Using DoBuyDirect's exclusive GPS tracking Web platform and dedicated iOS and Android apps, check in on the GPS tracker's location in real time from any computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is internet access. You can even set the platform to deliver alerts via app notification the moment motion is detected.

Track for Months Without Recharging

This GPS tracker's built-in battery lasts for an unbeatable 100 days of live tracking life. When the platform alerts you that the battery is low, simply recharge it and you're ready to go.

Its advanced features, rugged construction and industry-leading battery life make this GPS tracker the new state of the art in GPS asset tracking.

Interested in purchasing multiple units? Discounted tracking rates available. Call for details.

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