iStranger VC1200 Cellphone Voice Changer Spy Phone

  • $800.00 CAD

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The iStranger VC1200 Smart Cell Phone Voice Changer is a portable voice changer for cellphones made by KJB Security Products. It weighs 2 ounces and is 4.2 inches long and 0.3 inches thick. This slim and lightweight voice changer is made of metal, and its rugged construction makes it durable.

This voice changer is a regular bar that is not bigger than the average cellphone. A USB-to-micro-USB cable is also included with the electronic voice changer. It is simple to use and requires no set up. To start disguising your voice during phone calls, simply plug the device's 3.5-millimeter audio connector into your phone's audio jack.

While the iStranger VC1200 works with most cellphones, it does not work with all of them. The voice-changing device only works with phones that support a four-contact 3.5-millimeter stereo connector. Phones with three-contact 3.5-millimeter connectors have two stripes and three sections on the metal tips of their earphones.

The iStranger VC1200 has an indicator light at the top of it. It turns red when the battery is low, goes yellow while it's charging and turns off when fully charged. However, the indicator light only works when the voice changer is in use. This is because the device goes into sleep mode 15 seconds after the headset jack is removed from a phone. While this helps conserve the battery power of the device, it also means that you may forget to charge the device until you need it. It takes two hours to fully charge the device's built-in battery and provides six hours of voice modulation on a full charge.

The iStranger VC1200 has only two voice-changing modes: high and low. You can switch between both modes by pressing the "Mode" button and change modes before or during your call. A red LED light indicates low mode, while a blue LED light confirms high mode. Once connected to a cellphone and turned on, this voice changer defaults to low mode. Then you can change the mode and put it to you ear as you would do with your phone because the device has a built-in speaker and microphone. With only two settings available, the iStranger VC1200 does not offer many options. Consequently, the device may not reasonably mask everyone's voice.

Overall, the iStranger VC1200 is a simple portable voice changer for cellphones. However, it provides only two settings for voice modulation and has no preset voice effects or programmable settings. Furthermore, it does not work for everyone and is not compatible with all cellphones.

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