OBD2 Extension Cable Splitter 16Pin 2Ft / 60cm

  • $25.00 CAD

Conceal your OBDII (OBD2) GPS tracking devices in your vehicle, and get the device out of "knee" range (so your employees/family can't accidentally kick the device loose).

This extension cable replaces your vehicles' OBDII port with a new port. Your vehicles' existing OBDII port plugs into one of the ends, and the GPS device into the other. Your GPS tracking device receives power from the vehicle, and your OBDII port remains unoccupied. Mechanics can still use the empty port to receive engine diagnostics port.

Best of all, potential car thieves have no idea you have a GPS device plugged in! Employees driving company vehicles have no easy way of disconnecting the GPS tracking device.

Hook up two OBD2 devices to your vehicle.

Passes all 16 pins straight through. No shared ground wires.

Angled connectors and flat ribbon cable for superior flexibility and durability

One female end for an always plugged in device (such as a GPS tracker) and the other end allows easy connection to another device (like OBD2 reader/scanner).