Baseball Cap Hidden Camera Hat w/ Remote Control 1080P High Resolution 32GB

  • $150.00 CAD

Record Video from Your Point of View, Hands Free from Your Baseball Cap

Record covert video while keeping your hands free with this baseball hat hidden camera. Completely self-contained and activated with the press of a button, there are no wires to give you away. HD 1080p footage is stored onto a 32GB internal memory for up to three hours for easy viewing and file backup on any PC. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides about 3 hours of recording whatever you see from your point of view.

This average looking baseball cap is anything but average. Hidden behind the embroydered lettering is a tiny pinhole camera that records high resolution video and audio.

Simple to Operate

Simple one button On/Off operation makes this a great choice for covert surveillance, vacations, sporting events and the beach. Once you activate the hidden camera with just a touch of a button simply put on the cap and wherever you look that's what is being recorded. No need for bother with a lot of prep work and alignment. The basic black cap goes with any outfit.

Perfect For Business and Undercover Operations

High Resolution Full Screen Video Capture Onto 32GB Internal DVR The completely hidden camera is built directly into the hat and is protected by a plastic plate so you can comfortably wear the hat while hiding the fact that you're recording surveillance video. The tiny camera captures video from a tiny pinhole cut into the front of the hat, that records onto the internal memory for up to 3 hours of solid surveillance video.

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