Spy Handbag Hidden Camera 1080P 16GB Remote Control

  • $200.00 CAD

Some call it a man purse, we like to call it a handbag. The handbag covert spy camera can be used by a man or a woman and is a worry free covert spy camera. It uses a high-quality CCD pinhole camera. Use this handbag camera in situations where you meet face-to-face where there is a table, counter, or desk. It's perfect for signing contracts, agreements, real estate transactions, or any situation where you need proof of who was signing a document.

Why This Covert Spy Camera?
With people becoming more aware of covert spy camera technology it has become increasingly necessary to become more clever when designing hidden cameras. Everyone knows what a pen camera looks like. Everyone knows to look for the lens on a shirt button but only seasoned professionals who use this equipment would think to look in the zipper of a bag for hidden camera.

Camera Sensor: CMOS
Memory: built-in 16GB
Video Format: AVI
Video Resolution: 1280 x 1080
Video Frame Rate: 30 fps
Power Source: lithium battery
Working Time: about 2 hours
Port: USB port
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I remove the pinhole camera from the bag?
A. No, the pinhole camera is sewn into the bag which makes it semipermanent. If the bag is destroyed or you longer want to use it you could easily cut the camera out and use it for other applications.
 Q. Will people laugh at me if I carry a man purse?
 A. If they do, tell them this man purse belongs to Chuck Norris.

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