Keychain Digital Audio Voice Recorder

  • $150.00 CAD

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Product Description

PORTABLE RECORDING- Simple, elegant, compact, ultra-portable, discreet voice recorder. This small keychain recording device captures clear audio of up to 20-50 feet. It will expand your memory and change your life.

EASY TO USE - You simply slides the power switch of the voice recorder to ON to start recording and slide it back to OFF to save the recording. The device can be buckled in trousers to capture live conversations, collecting auditory evidence to support work.

RECORDING QUALITY - 100% high quality. The built-in 8GB memory allows you to store up to 496 hours of recording. The recorder enables 20 hours clear recording. It will automatically save the file as WAV format. And it also features intelligent noise reduction with more than 70db signal to noise ratio and recording
quality better than other similar products.

WIDELY USED - You can capture the wonderful ideas, conversations, meetings, discussions, studies, lectures and any other auditory record you need, making it a perfect recorder for students, writers, lawyers, professionals and anyone who needs it!

EASY TRANSFER - You can easily transfer files to your PC/MAC by connecting the voice recorder to your computer using the included USB cable and then dragging the files directly to your computer. It is compatible with Windows 98 and above (XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc.), Mac OS 9 and above (For Mac OS, you will need to download a free VLC player to play the recorded files).

Technical specifications:
- Storage time: 496 hours
- Working time: 20 hours
- Storage capacity: 8GB
- Product weight: 1.44 ounces
- Recording format: WAV
- Music Format: WAV/WMA/MP3
- Sampling rate: 192Kbps

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