Spy Light Bulb WiFi 1080P Camera Night Vision P2P IP Cam

  • $150.00 CAD

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Real working light bulb with hidden camera, this light bulb works just like any other light bulb. You screw it into a light bulb socket and it derives it's power from there. The hidden camera is what makes this bulb special, it can record anything suspicious you want to investigate. The moment you screw in the bulb it begins recording and it comes with a remote control to adjust settings.

With advanced motion detection technology, this device will automatically start recording when there is movement in front of the camera lens when you select motion detection mode. This option will help save battery life and time of viewing footage because you will only be getting video footage when there is action happening.

Great for:
  • Personal protection
  • Evidence of workplace harassment
  • Secret shopping
  • Law enforcement
  • Undercover investigations
  • Recording the next viral YouTube video!

Motion detecting camera with night vision.
Adjustable settings.
Auto exposure control (white balance and sharpness)
Auto-rewrite memory option.
LED bulb (50 Watt equivalent).
Built-in microphone.
Built-in microSD card slot.
Excellent video compression.

Technical Specs:
Motion detection: up to 8 meter distance.
Night vision: up to 15 meter distance.
Resolution: HD 1080 x 720 or VGA 640 x 480 selectable.
Encoding mode: H.264 (Standard H.264 video compression technology)
Up to 7 days of video on 32GB microSD card, depending on motion.
Power port: E27 standard bulb socket.
Bulb voltage: AC 110V - 250V
Dimensions: 72mm dia. x 108mm
Weight: 120g

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