Spy Lighter Camera Hidden DVR Mini Audio Video Recorder

  • $35.00 CAD


This is one of our smallest and most covert spy cameras to date. With the size of a typical full size disposable lighter, this unit offers quality video and audio in a self contained recording solution. The lighter can also be used to take still photos. Operation is simple and discrete, start and stop recording the same way the lighter would be lit. Note that the lighter will not light. Data retrieval could not be easier, just pull the top off the lighter to expose a USB connection which can be plugged in like any normal thumb drive. Files are viewable via any Media Player on any Laptop or PC so no special software is required. This unit offers quality video, compact size and covert recording capabilities inside of a standard lighter.

Video is in 640 X 480 resolution in the AVI format. Photos are 1280 X 1024 pixels and in the JPEG format. This camera is ideal for covert video recording, and with self-contained design, this unit is ready for any situation.

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