Spy WiFi 1080P Wall Clock Hidden Camera HD IP Motion Activated Wireless

  • $250.00 CAD

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This unit makes a great Nanny camera, perfect for home surveillance, theft prevention, and countless other uses. The camera is powered by the built in 2700mAh battery (3 hours of record time). Can also record while charging. Comes with a 2 meter (6.5 foot) USB cable that plugs into a 110v wall outlet.

The clock has a separate system to power the clock hands. When the battery dies in the camera the clock will still function normally, as to not bring any attention to the clock. This camera is VERY covert and discreet!

Records in 1080P video and audio via Motion detection, Manual or scheduled modes.

Video saves directly on the micro SD card. (up to 32GB for 15 plus hours of video). You can also record directly to your PC using it as an IP camera, or record directly to you mobile phone. Able to remotely view live video with a PC computer and or mobile phone.

Remotely view video saved on the SD card using the mobile app.

Easy to setup WIFI and IP Camera. To use the P2P/ WIFI feature, just turn the WIFI switch on the back to"on", select the Clocks WIFI network on your mobile phone, and use the mobile phone app. The mobile app has tons of features such as: record video directly on your phone, take snapshots, listen to live video, watch video that is saved on the SD card, adjust the brightness/contrast, set motion detection standards, orient the video etc.

Once the camera is connected to your router, via the built in WIFI, access your video from anywhere you have LTE/3G on your mobile device.

Also comes with a program to view video from any windows computer.

Video Format: AVI
Photo Format: JPG
Video Resolution: 1080P/720P
Video Frame Rate: 25fps - 30fps
Wireless Distance: < 50m
Lens angle: 90 degree
Interface Type: USB
Working time: 3 hours (can work while charging)
Charging time: 8 hours
Lens: CMOS 1/4
Supports Micro SD TF Memory Card (NOT INCLUDED)
Power supply: Adapter and Built-in rechargeable Li-Battery
Support OS: Windows, MAc , Android, iPhone

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