Spy WiFi Digital Clock Camera Night Vision Hidden Lens

  • $350.00 CAD

This WiFi Digital Clock Camera has motion activation recording, and live online video functions similar to all our other WiFi cameras, but this Digital Clock disguise allows for new possibilities in terms of camera placement. The camera contains a USB power cable for unlimited use, while there is also a battery backup which can last roughly 4 hours, if power cable is somehow disabled.

The video surveillance functions include motion activation, snapshot push notification, optional loop recording, and playback files through WiFi. The WiFi connection can work either through a local area WiFi network or through a wireless internet connection for worldwide access. You will need a WiFi router with decent high-speed internet in order to view the streaming HD video over the internet. If you already have an internet plan, and this internet plan is good enough to view online videos, then no additional fees would be required.

Camera uses Micro SD Card up to 128GB for memory (not included). The SD card slot has a cover to conceal it from sight.

Free app available in Apple or Android versions.

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