WiFi FM Radio Clock Hidden Spy Camera Live Streaming 1080P HD

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Stream Live HD Video to Your Smartphone

The 1080P HD WiFi Streaming Clock Radio Hidden Spy Camera features a hidden rotating camera lens capable of rotating a full 330 degrees giving you the perfect view of any room in your home or office.

Cleverly disguised as a functional FM clock radio, this device features an HD camera that streams live video directly to your iPhone or Android device. You'll be able to monitor your kids, your nanny, business, or wherever you need covert video surveillance from across the street or across the globe right on your phone.

The WiFi FM Clock Radio camera connects to your existing WiFi network in your home or office, and streams live HD video directly to our free streaming app. Swipe left or right on the live video to pan the camera to the left or right, and you'll be able to see more than any other hidden camera on the market can offer, giving you the best in hidden camera technology.

Setting up the WiFi FM Clock Radio camera is simple - just plug into AC power (or charge the battery for short term use), download the free streaming app, and you'll have the camera up and running in just a few minutes. In addition to live streaming, you can also record your video to a hidden micro SD card for later viewing. The camera accepts up to a massive 128GB memory card which can hold weeks worth of video.

Set up motion detection alerts and get notified instantly if the hidden camera detects activity - perfect for home or business security, or just letting you know when people are coming or going.

If you have multiple rooms or areas to monitor, you can mix and match the WiFi FM Clock Radio camera with any of the following WiFi cameras, and monitor them all easily through the same app:

Popular Uses:
Home Security - Set up this WiFi streaming nanny camera in your home or apartment for 24/7 security
Nanny Cam - Make sure that your babysitter or nanny is taking proper care of your children in your home
Business Security - Monitor employee productivity or just keep an eye on the break room or warehouse
Elderly Care / Nursing Homes - Ensure loved ones are being properly cared for at a nursing home

Features and Benefits:

Battery or AC Powered Operation
The WiFi FM Radio Hidden Clock Camera WiFi streaming camera features a dual power supply. Use battery power for short term and portable applications, or switch to AC power for 24/7 streaming operation with no battery life concerns to worry about.

WiFi Streaming Nanny Camera
This device connects to your home or business WiFi network, allowing you to stream video through your existing connection directly to your smartphone for viewing - whether you are across the street or across the country - you can always see what is going on.

1080P HD Video
Your live video is streamed in 1080P HD video so you'll be able to clearly see what is going on. You can also adjust the video resolution if needed to 720P or D1 resolution depending on your internet connection speed or streaming preferences.

Easy Setup and Operation
The WiFi FM Radio Hidden Clock Camera is simple to set up, and just takes a few minutes to connect to your wireless network. Once you've got the camera connected our easy to use smartphone app allows you to view your camera feed and adjust settings at the push of a button.

Activity/Motion Detection Alerts
In addition to being able to live stream HD video, you can also get motion detection alerts sent directly to your phone, notifying you when your camera senses motion - perfect for home or office security, or to let you know your kids made it home from school.

iPhone and Android Compatible
Our free setup and streaming app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The app controls everything with the camera - from the setup and configuration to live streaming. You can adjust camera options easily at the push of a button.

Add Additional Cameras
If you have multiple areas or rooms to monitor, you can easily add additional cameras to the app so you can monitor them all from the same place. You can even monitor cameras set up at different locations (such as home and office).

Records to Micro SD Card
In addition to live streaming your video, you can also set the camera to record video in case you want a copy or aren't able to watch your video live. Videos are recorded to a micro SD card and can be viewed on your PC or Mac computer or on your phone.

Time/Date Stamp
The recorded videos as well as live streaming video feature an embedded time and date stamp on the video so you know exactly when your videos took place, making this camera ideal for home video surveillance or evidence/documentation purposes.

Functional FM Clock Radio
In addition to being a live streaming spy camera, the WiFi FM Radio Hidden Clock Camera is a fully functional FM clock radio, allowing it to blend in easily to your home or office environment, providing covert video surveillance without arising suspicion.

Auto Overwrite "Loop Recording" Mode
The camera features "auto overwrite" aka "loop recording", which means that if your memory card fills up, it will automatically start overwriting the oldest video files so that you don't miss a moment of activity (user adjustable).

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