MemoQ MQ-78 Voice Recorder Digital Audio Recording Pen

  • $180.00 CAD

So you need to record your conversations, and you don’t want a big, bulky recorder getting in the way, right? You could use a regular tape recorder or your cell phone, but there are a lot of problems with doing that. Either one of those could randomly make a noise or randomly shut down, and it's not covert at all.

That’s exactly why you need the MQ-78 pen voice activated audio recorder. It’s completely hidden, it works like an actual pen, and will completely blend into the surroundings. You’ll also have no problem using it, because it has a single switch to start/stop your recordings.

One-Touch Operation Makes It Easy
Put the MQ-78 pen voice activated audio recorder in your pocket or just leave it out in plain sight. It doesn’t matter, because nobody will give it a second look since it’s so natural to have pens laying around. You’ll capture conversations taking place as far as 45 feet / 10 meters away from the pen, which a regular audio recorder or smartphone can’t do. The sound quality is superb - you’ll hear everything clearly.

Voice Activation & Long Battery Saves You Time
The best part of the MQ-78 pen is the voice activated recording. If there’s no sound near the pen, it goes into a sleep mode. It will only record when it hears sound, which saves you a ton of time from having to skip over tons of silence to find the conversation you want. It is also helpful because you don’t have to worry about turning it on right before talking - just leave it on all the time.

The 16-hour battery is recharged when you plug your pen into a computer. You also save power with the voice-activation feature, which means it’ll last longer before needing to recharge.

When connected to your computer with the included cable, you can also listen to your new audio recordings. Do whatever you want with the sound files - send them to someone, or just save it to your computer. The pen has 1GB of storage which is enough to hold up to 71 hours of audio.

This recorder is compatible with Windows or Mac and does not require the addition of any specific software on your computer.

Of course, this ballpoint pen actually writes, in good quality black ink. Two replacement ink cartridges are included with the accessories.

In a set there are headphones attached - they enable to listen directly to the recorded sound.

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