Tow Truck PTO Tracking GPS Tracker w/ Remote Engine Disable

  • $85.00 CAD

Do you let your drivers take the trucks home?

Are your fuel receipts unusually high, while the number of invoices continues to decrease?

Are you suspicious that your drivers are pulling side jobs?

There are so many unanswered questions when operating a traditional tow and recovery fleet. Do not be a victim! Harness our cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking system and take complete control over your tow truck fleet.

Examples of PTO Use

Some of the typical applications of PTO use (although not limited to) include:

  • Raising the bed of a dump truck
  • Running a truck mounted hot water extraction machine used for carpet cleaning
  • Operating a garbage truck compactor


  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • "Green" your fleet by reducing idle time. Choose efficient routes
  • Locate vehicles in real time
  • Make sound business decisions based on real data
  • Increased employee productivity and accountability
  • Gather benchmarking information such as productivity gains, efficiencies and accurate timesheets from your employees
  • Decrease labor costs and overtime hours
  • Eliminate unscheduled stops and detours
  • Faster roadside assistance
  • Better territory management
  • Operational savings & efficiencies
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Proof of ontime service. Protect your business against false claims
  • Police timely return of vehicles in use
  • Bill your customers more precisely
  • Prepare for a possible audit. Historical route data is stored for 5 years
  • Extend vehicle life cycle by scheduling maintenance
  • Save time - get a hands-free logbook with Driver ID
  • Reduce unauthorized use of your vehicles
  • Optimize financial management
  • Monitor vehicle functions using power take-off (PTO)
  • Improve driver's behavior & overall fleet safety
  • Theft deterrent
  • Faster theft recovery
  • Automate your fleet maintenance schedules
  • Automated alerts for status changes

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking
Tracking & alerts in true, real-time with no lags between updates. We offer the industries fastest updates allowing you to improve dispatching, and to stay on top of critical alerts.

Improve Fuel Efficiency
Better manage aggressive driving, fuel-ups, and maintenance. Decrease idle times, improve routing and dispatching + more.

Improve Customer Service
Gain better control over your entire fleet, get to customers faster and respond quickly to emergencies. Dispatch more, waste less, and make more money.

Decrease Fleet Expenses
Stay on-top of vehicle maintenance to reduce vehicle breakdowns. Set reminders by odometer, engine hours, date range, etc. Potentially lower Insurance costs & decrease wear and tear.

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