WiFi AC Adapter Hidden Camera Covert Wall Charger | Live Streaming

  • $130.00 CAD

This Ordinary AC Adapter / USB Wall Charger Streams Live 1080P HD Video Directly to Your Smartphone

Our WiFi Internet Streaming AC Adapter Camera features stunning 1080P HD clear color video, allowing you to monitor your home or business right on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Setting up this camera is simple and done right on your iPhone or Android phone, and only takes a few minutes. Just download the free viewing app, scan the QR code on the camera, and connect to your WiFi network. It's just that easy, and there's no complicated router settings or configurations needed.

And unlike most home security cameras, there are never any monthly fees or costs to view or even record your video stream. Recording your video stream is simple - just insert a micro SD card into the hidden card slot.

In addition to live-streaming, you can also set up the camera to send motion detection alerts if the camera detects movement, perfect for home security or monitoring your office after hours.

You can view your recorded video on your PC or Mac computer by removing the memory card and inserting into your computer, and clicking on the files to play.

If you have multiple rooms to monitor, you can mix and match the AC Adapter WiFi Camera with any of the following cameras, and view all the video streams right on your smartphone from the same app.

AC Powered Operation
The spy WiFi charger adapter AC Adapter Hidden Camera is powered by a standard AC outlet for 24/7 operation, allowing you to monitor your home or office around the clock without having to worry about any battery life concerns.

No Monthly Fees
Unlike many security cameras, with this camera there are never any monthly fees to view, stream, or even record your hidden camera video. All you need is your existing high-speed broadband internet connection.

WiFi Internet Streaming
Easily connect the adapter hidden camera to your home or office WiFi network, just like your laptop or tablet. The camera will then stream your live HD video using that connection allowing you to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world.

Motion Detection Alerts
In addition to live streaming, the spy WiFi wall charger adapter can also send motion detection alerts if the camera detects activity. This allows you to see instantly if there is someone in your home or office, or if it's just one of your pets or the cleaning lady.

Functional USB Charger
In addition to its primary function as a hidden camera, the device also works as a fully functional USB charger. This allows you to use your existing charging cable and use it to charge your small USB device like a smartphone or tablet.

Easy Installation
Setting up this hidden camera is simple - there is no complicated network configuration needed. Just download the app, plug the adapter camera into any standard AC outlet, and set up the camera using the app right on your iPhone or Android device.

Encrypted Video Stream
Your video is password protected and encrypted so no one but you can access it. You can share your login information with a loved one or a spouse or friend if you want them to be able to monitor your camera as well.

Covert Operation
The AC Adapter style blends in easily and no one will know that it's actually a camera, and there are no lights, beeps, or any sounds that would give away what the device actually is. And because chargers are so common in will blend in anywhere.

View From Smartphone
The included free streaming app allows you to view live video easily on your iPhone or Android device. Just install our free streaming app, and you'll be able to setup and control the camera easily from your smartphone.

Add Additional Cameras
You can easily monitor additional rooms by adding additional adapter cameras, or mix and match with one of our other compatible WiFi cameras like the mini clock camera, black box camera, weather station camera, and many more.


Q. How is the WiFi AC Adapter hidden camera (HC410w) powered?
The HC410w is powered by a standard AC outlet. In addition to the standard US AC plug, we also include interchangeable adapters for the EU, UK, and Australia.

Q. How do I set up the camera?
Setting up the camera is easy and done right on your smartphone using our free streaming camera app.

Q. Does this device work as a functional charger?
Yes it does so you'll be able to charge your favorite small devices (tablets, smartphones, etc) using your existing charging cable.

Q. Do I need a smartphone to view the live stream?
Yes the camera streams to your iPhone or Android device (not to PC or Mac computers).

Q. What if I want to record my video?
You can record video to a hidden micro SD card inside the camera. You can also record video and take image snapshots to your phone while you have the app running as well.

Q. Is my video password protected?
Yes your video is password protected so that no one will have access to your video feed (unless you provide them with your password and camera ID).

Q. Can I add multiple cameras to monitor multiple rooms in my home or office?
Yes you can - you can view as many cameras as you need through the app interface, even monitoring multiple cameras from multiple locations.

Q. Can I adjust the video resolution?
Yes the streaming resolution is adjustable, and will auto adjust based on your internet connection and cellular signal to provide the best streaming performance.

Q. How do motion alerts work?
The motion detection alerts allow you to get instant notifications on your phone if your camera detects movement nearby.

Q. Does this camera have a time and date stamp?
Yes there is a time and date stamp on the video so you'll know what time it is recorded.

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