WiFi Black Box Hidden Camera Panoramic Rotatable Covert Lens Motion Activated

  • $250.00 CAD

Get The Perfect View of Any Room

Brand new for 2017, we've upgraded our HD black box hidden camera so that it now features a rotating camera lens capable of rotating a full 180 degrees, giving you the perfect view of any room in your home or office, streaming live HD video directly to your favorite smartphone or tablet.

This ordinary looking black box design will fit in anywhere - on a shelf, mantle, or anywhere that you need it. Because it looks like an ordinary piece of electronics equipment, it will blend into almost any environment.

It's simple to set up the black box camera in just a few minutes. Our easy to use setup and streaming app allows you to set up the camera right on your iPhone or Android device. The camera connects wirelessly to your existing WiFi network in your home or office, and streams video using your existing broadband internet connection. You'll be able to have the camera up and running in just minutes.

The camera can be either battery or AC powered depending on your recording needs. Choose internal rechargeable battery power and get up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge, perfect for short term applications. Or you can plug it in to AC power for 24/7 surveillance needs.

In addition to streaming live video, you can also record motion activated video to a micro SD card hidden inside the device, so even if you didn't see something happen live, you can review what happened with the recorded footage on your PC or Mac computer. You'll even be able to set up motion detection alerts, which will notify you instantly if your camera detects activity nearby, perfect for home security and office surveillance needs.

Dual Power Options
The HC460w features two power supply options. Choose battery power and get up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. For longer term use the included wall charger and plug into AC power for 24/7 operation with no battery life concerns.

Clear 1080P HD Video
The HD black box wifi camera stream live clear HD video, allowing you to monitor any room in your home or office easily on your smartphone. Keep an eye on your babysitter, nanny, office, or just keep an eye on your kids until you get home from work.

WiFi Streaming Hidden Camera
The HC450w spy camera connects to your home or office WiFi network just like your laptop does. Once the camera is connected to your network, you'll be able to live stream video direct to your smartphone across the street or across the world.

Simple Operation
The black box WiFi camera is easy to set up and operate. The setup process is done right on your iPhone or Android with the included free streaming app, and takes less than 5 minutes. You'll have the camera up and streaming live HD video in no time.

Motion Detection Alerts
In addition to live streaming, you can set up the camera to send motion alerts to your phone in case activity is detected. This is perfect for home or office security where you want to be notified ASAP if someone is in an area they aren't supposed to be.

Records to Micro SD Card
The WiFi black box hidden camera can also record video to a removable micro SD card. This allows you to record what's going on when you're not around by setting the recording to motion activation, so you'll never miss a thing even if you didn't see it live.

Covert Operation
The ordinary looking black box design allows the camera to hide in plain sight. Because it looks like an ordinary piece of equipment you can hide it with your other electronics, or hide it inside an object like a tissue box or even a teddy bear.

Time and Date Stamp
The embedded time and date stamp on the recorded videos allows you to see exactly what time the hidden camera videos are recorded, which makes the camera perfect for home security and evidence keeping or just keeping you informed.

Add Additional Cameras
Have multiple rooms or locations to monitor? No problem. With the black box camera you can add as many additional cameras as needed and view all of the camera feeds through the same app, allowing for a high quality multi camera home security system.

Auto Overwrite Mode
If the memory card fills up it will automatically overwrite the oldest video files, allowing the camera to continue to record "hands free" for added convenience. This feature can also be turned off if you'd rather the camera stop recording if the card fills up.

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