WiFi Router Hidden Camera

  • $180.00 CAD


The WiFi Router Hidden Camera is a cleverly disguised nanny cam that is perfect for any room in your home or office, and provides 24/7 live streaming video that you can watch on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

This device is disguised as a normal looking wireless router which are so common that no one will give the device a second glance. Built inside is a 1080P high definition camera lens that streams live video and audio, so you can keep an eye on your home, apartment, office, or wherever you need covert video surveillance.

This covert camera is operated through the TinyCam Pro application, free to download from the Google Play or App Store. Enter your smartphone's WIFI settings and sync with the dummy router's WIFI signal.

Within the application, point your camera to the QR code located on the bottom of the device to scan the code, which will enable a direct connection, and you'll then be able to watch the live stream. Download your video directly to a Windows or Mac computer with the included SD card reader, USB cable, or download the information directly to your smart device via the software application.

This cleverly designed covert camera looks like a WIFI router and comes with an embedded 120° camera in the antenna. Hidden in the front of the device are night vision LEDs, which can see up to 15 feet in complete darkness. A slot for SD card storage is in the back near the reset button, which will accept a 256GB card that will store up to 200 hours of recorded video.

Device setup is performed through the free TinyCam Pro application available to Android and iOS devices, enabling users to interface with the device for live streaming and remote video downloading. You can even set the date and time, the type of recording, motion-activated or continuous, and even set up motion trigger alerts.

This device is quick and easy to set up on your WIFI network, utilizing the latest in peer-to-peer technology that helps set up your camera's WIFI connection in minutes to your local network allowing for the peace of mind that comes with having eyes where you need them 24/7 with this camera.

The Hidden WiFi router is an AC powered hidden camera powered via a standard power cord that plugs into any regular AC outlet (or extension cord or surge protector). This allows the camera to operate 24/7 with no battery life concerns to worry about, so you can easily monitor your home, office, or wherever you need covert video surveillance around the clock.

This WIFI router hidden camera is the perfect solution when ensuring the nanny or maid service is doing their jobs. Keep an eye on your kids or loved ones to ensure everyone is okay when away. It's even perfect for monitoring your valuables in your room or at the office. You can even keep an eye on the caregiver to make sure your loved ones receive the best possible care or keep an eye on your apartment when maintenance stops by to fix something.

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